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The specialists in turning and milling

Morato wood turning was founded by Augustus, a craftsman with great entrepreneurial ambitions who thought back in 1960, with the savings of a long apprenticeship as a carpenter, to buy a small manual lathe used, with related tools for the production of some knobs head scale.

The remarkable dexterity and passion of Augustus brought him to have a strong demand in the field of wood turning, so it was that in 1966 he made the first big move by buying the new automatic lathe.

In a short time the shift began, the entrepreneurial spirit led Augustus to see the birth of a real business with more and more advanced equipment to satisfy the needs of market demands, so they began to enter into different areas of the furniture.

In 1995 Augusto Morato decided to leave the business to his sons Sandro and Fabio. In that same spirit shown by their father, they still proudly produce for customers looking for quality and serially.

Everything is custom made with the possibility of turning even for third parties.

The material we produce is also polished with various color solutions:

  • Walnut
  • Light walnut
  • Wenge
  • Natural beech
  • Cherry.
Augusto Morato