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Since 1966 in the field of wood

Morato Torneria Legno

Wood turning remains one of the oldest and most fascinating jobs in the world.

Morato wood turning, since 1966, has managed to combine the artistic taste in the production processes with good quality to meet the current needs of the market.

The strong demand for sofa production has made a gradual growth possible, with some investments used to buy new machines so that TORNERIA MORATO stays a leader in the field of wood turning.

The company is "versatile", and able to please everyone in the furniture area with varied products.
We produce wooden feet for lounges, armchairs, chairs, beds, of various shapes and sizes, with matching accessories, and console table legs, columns, stairs, stair heads, knobs and handles for building elements and much more.
Everything is custom made with the possibility of turning even for third parties.
The material we produce is also polished with various color solutions: walnut, light walnut, wenge, beech, cherry and lacquer.